Terms of Service

Terms Of Service

Hi! We’re glad you’re here using Furry Networks. We try to bring some of the best services to the furry and brony fandoms.

We’d like you to bear a few things in mind as you use the resources on this system. First of all, remember that it’s Furry Networks’ equipment – We paid for it, and we’re offering services for free. Please treat the server as you would anyother’s property.

All basic hosting accounts have been allocated 500MB of hard disk space, if you feel you need more please ask. Don’t worry – We’ll probably say yes unless your using your space for warez (software trading, etc) or mp3z. 🙂 If you need to check to see how much disk space you are using feel free to email us, we plan on building a personal control panel so you can do this automatically in the future..

We don’t actively monitor or meter each individuals bandwidth usage, but please try to keep all Bandwidth under 10 Gigabytes per month. If you would like to see your personal bandwidth usage please login to your control panel to view your web statistics.

1. We are a furry/brony hosting provider so we require that you have some kind of furry/brony content on your webspace, and this doesn’t include hate sites. If sites are found not containing legit furry/brony websites they will be removed and the users account deleted.

2. Note, websites found or brought to our attention containing any form of art theft, which includes hosting art that is not your own or don’t have permission by the artist to post onto your website will be suspended for content review and if found infringement of this rule the user’s account will be terminated and all content removed from our servers.

3. Something rather important that we’d like to make sure you understand is this: We do not want to get into any kind of trouble, with anybody, as a result of the actions of the users of our system. So it’s a rule of this system that we will not allow any “warez” to be stored here for any length of time. This includes any form of commercial software that is pirated or hacked to remove copy protection and uploaded into your personal directory. We won’t go snooping around looking for illegal software in your directory, but we’ll probably notice if it’s taking up tons of bandwidth. Similarly, don’t use this system to distribute anything illegal or that would get anybody (namely you or Furry Networks) in trouble: for instance. Furthermore, please do not keep any MP3 files on any Furry Networks server, unless they are recordings of yourself performing, or otherwise not under any record-label licensing scheme. MP3 files recorded from CD for example are illegal, and well be deleted if found. Warez distribution is subject to immediate removal or disabling of your account. Please keep this in mind.

4. Further illegal content. We don’t host any “babyfur”, “cub” or “foal” websites containing art or anything deplicting underage characters in a sexual manner. If an account is found hosting such content, the account will be subject to immediate suspension and marked for deletion.

5. We don’t host Oekaki BBS or any other type of drawing only web boards. This is do to there potential to create heavy server traffic and system resources. If Oekaki type BBSs are found on existing accounts we will email the owners and delete the Oekaki BBSs on a per account basis.

*Do* *not* *hack*. If we find that you’re using our system or as a base point for hacking, we’ll suspend/remove your account immediately and transfer logs and the users account info to the proper authorities. We don’t have any tolerance for this.

We don’t do active backups of peoples personal websites and data. It is your responsibility and We STRONGLY encourage you to keep a backup of your website on your local computer, and update that backup when you make changes.

We try to keep our webservers up 99% of the time but there is not guaranties. We might take the server down once in a while for maintenance or our data provider might update a router or something. We will try to notify users of any maintenance or outages via of our website or thru email.

Other then that…. have fun! and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help make Furry Networks better! 🙂