Server crash

Attention !!!

Users hosted on our gen1 ‘’ server, it has experienced a catastrophic hard drive failure.   After a complete investigation, we are not able to recover the drive that housed the websites.   This server has been in service for about 6 years and seems drive decided want to ‘push up the daises’ and die.  We had no history that the drive was failing, so we apologize.

We don’t actively keep backups of hosted websites as per our TOS for our free service, just the server configuration.  We do have some server-wide backups offsite but we believe they may be quite old, but are looking thru them at this time.  We will do everything we can to help users get there websites back up from any local copies you have or if we find any usable backups that are recoverable. 

We are not going to be rebuilding a server as it was before, as we  believe it is better at this time to go ahead and have everyone move to the new “Gen2” server that has been online for a while.  This server is running newer software and a much more fully featured control panel.  We are requesting everyone submit a signup request via the signup page and we will get you out your new login credentials.